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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your shop is not on my insurance-company's preferred list - can I still get my car repaired by you without paying extra?

A: Simply put, YES! You can still choose our shop for your repairs. NO, you should not have to pay more than your required insurance deductable.

Q: Will I still receive a lifetime warranty from your shop, even though you are not one of the insurance company's direct repair facilities?

A: YES! We will repair any defects in our work as listed on the repair invoice, for as long as you own the vehicle, unless caused by unreasonable use or lack of maintenance. Please contact us directly for more details on this warranty!

Q: The insurance company's estimate is less than yours; does this mean I have to pay the difference?

A: The only time we see this happening is when you want replacement parts to come from a different source than the insurance company has listed. Parts can be listed from a variety of sources; such as the dealership, after-market vendors (factory copies), reconditioned parts vendors, and used parts vendors. Lighthouse Collision, or any other shop for that matter (dealership or independent), can dictate what sources and therefore what costs the insurance company will pay for specific parts.

Q: Can I save my deducible?

A: YES, if you own the vehicle (no loan or lien) and choose not to do a portion of the repair that is relative to the cost of your deductible and is cosmetic in nature. We will notify the insurance company of the change and deduct that portion of the repair from your final bill. If you still owe on a loan/lien, the lien holder must also be notified of any changes. They usually want all repairs completed as written to protect their investment.

Q: When and to whom do I pay my deductible?

A: Deductibles, if required by your insurance policy, are paid to our shop and due when the repairs are complete and you come pickup your vehicle.

Q: My car is less than a month old and has been damaged. Should I take it back to the dealer if I want to keep my warranty in effect?

A: NO. We have never heard of a new car warranty being voided due to repair done by our shop! Through a variety of sources, we have access to information and training to properly repair your car.

Q: My car was totaled and I need to find a new car; can you help?

A: YES. If you are thinking of purchasing a used car, you can bring it to our shop. We would be glad to check it over for any previous body and paint repairs for FREE. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment and please be aware that we are not equipped to do a complete buyers check that includes all mechanical systems.

Tips and Pointers

Some Tips after your car is fixed, from the experts.
  • Wait at least 2 months before applying wax to a fresh coat of paint.
  • Make sure your tires are inflated to the level displayed on your door panel as this could improve fuel economy and reduce road noise.
  • If you hear something that isn't normal for your car, don't assume there is nothing wrong you are more familiar with your car than anyone else.
  • Change your oil regularly in relation to your owners manual. This can increase the lifespan of your engine.
  • If you are having a hard time seeing during the rain, try using a glass cleaner or washer fluid that contains rain-repellant. This "rain-repellant" is silicone based just like glass and fills the pores of your windshield so that water can swiftly roll off your glass and easily wipe dry.
  • If you notice a white film on the inside of your window, consider purchasing a small microfiber towel and wiping it off without any chemicals (dry towel). Simply wrap it around your hand and use the back of your hand to wipe up and down and then side to side.

OEM, Aftermarket, & Used

OEM Parts

OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, are parts that come directly from the manufacturer of the car and are typically more expensive than aftermarket or used parts.

OEM parts are required on New vehicles as Aftermarket is typically not yet available.


Aftermarket parts are parts that are equivalent to the OEM parts, but are manufactured by a third party to look identical.

Aftermarket parts are, most of the time, cheaper than OEM parts.

Used Parts

Used Parts are parts that are salvaged from totaled vehicles and are usually OEM parts.

Used Parts are in good-excellent condition and are not damaged.

Used Parts are only used if there are no OEM or Aftermarket parts available, or if the customer specifies to use them for a cheaper price (non-insurance).